CS177: Programming with Multimedia Objects using Python

  1. Varun has been the best TA I’ve had at Purdue. He is very dedicated to his students and makes sure each one understands course content. He goes out of his way to provide guidance and explain the material. I find his teaching style to be very helpful. He asks questions during class and engages the classroom to think critically about the material. Asking people to come to the board to work on an example is also very helpful and keeps the class interesting. His explanation of material during office hours is very helpful. He has helped me learn the thought process to writing code and analyzing code. My improvement and success in this course has a lot to do with him as my TA.
  2. Excellent knowledge of the material and very proficient in teaching the material. Excellent instructor and I enjoyed the course thanks to his teaching.
  3. This recitation was the only reason I passed the course. He encourages students to participate and genuinely wants students to understand the material better. I hope the course is taught more like this in the years to come.