Spring 14 (CS180: Problem Solving and Object-Oriented Programming using Java)

Any typos in here, are not mine. Comments were copied as it is. Here they go:

  1. He wants us all to suceed not only in CS180 but in our entire undergraduate career and beyond. Even with his responsibilities as a grad student, he still makes extra effort to find time to help students wether its during his office hours, extra help sessions, or any other time that is convenient. Hands down one of the best TAs in any of my classes.
  2. Varun is a great guy that enjoys helping his students, which is a rarity among TA’s around here. He goes the extra mile to set up help sessions and always stays later during office hours if needed. He is a very nice person and cares about all of his students. I wish he could follow me through all of my CS classes and be my TA for all of them!
  3. Varun heavily inspired me and fellow students to strive and become the best CS majors we could be. Without his help as a TA in labs and on Friday sessions, my grade in the class and understanding of CS would undoubtedly have been decereased. Our future from here on out won’t have as much hand-holding or helpful people. Varun made this reality very clear and leads others to strive to achieve higher understanding independently and through collective collaboration.
  4. Varun works hard and does more than the minimum TA requirement as far as helping his students. Nothing should be changed for future semesters.
  5. He is really awesome. We are like friends and he would really care about you as a friend. He is that kind is GTA that you just pray to have.
  6. That he takes the time to sit down and help you with any topic you are struggling to understand. Mostly the one-on-one talking about projects, labs, or exams was very helpful as well.
  7. Attentive and understanding personality, willingness to put in free time to help students, overall positive role model for current and future students.
  8. Varun obviously knows what he’s talking about 100 percent of the time. He provides excellent help and feedback without giving the solution. He allows you to learn by pointing you in the right direction and leaving the rest up to you. What I like most about Varun is that he provides great assistance for struggling students.
  9. He’s passionate, inspiring, and very responsive (email-wise).
  10. Extremely clear in communicating his idea.
  11. His enthusiasm and positive attitude.
  12. He really prepared well before teaching.
  13. He tries to get everyone involved in discussions and answering questions.
  14. His sarcasm to my answers.
  15. His explanations about how to understand computer science and how to study for computer science tests.
  16. He is funny and patient.
  17. He’s understanding when a student doesn’t get a certain topic. He will go over a topic until students understand completely.
  18. Varun was by far my favorite GTA. He is very knowledgeable and able to explain topics so that they make sense. Even the most difficult of topics he is able to explain fully and completely. He makes it a point to help you out when you are having trouble and he doesn’t think that any question is stupid or dumb. During lab he is always walking around and helping students who are having difficulties and is more than ready to provide helpful hints and pointers. Thanks for your help this semester Varun. I have definitely gained a much greater appreciation for CS this semester and you have much to do with my increased interest in the field. Thank you!
  19. He clearly explained and made sure we understood important concepts that ultimately led to my success in the course.
  20. Continue the high energy, love for teaching and making sure students learn through help sessions and extra time.
  21. It is clear that he genuinely cares about his students and their success in CS180.
 What I need to focus on 🙂
  1. Be open to student’s feedback and suggestions. I feel Varun was a little rough around the edges and came off as judgmental at times. Overall, Varun is a very good TA, and genuinely cares about his student’s success.
  2. Varun should be more friendly and should respect his students. He once responded to a question I asked by telling me “you’re a computer science major, you should know how to do this.” His tone during lecture was very patronizing as well, I felt as if he was talking down to the class. Varun knows what he’s talking about, but he’s a terrible instructor because it doesn’t seem like he enjoys teaching or helping his students.