Spring 15 (CS180: Problem Solving and Object-Oriented Programming)

Any typos in here, are not mine. Comments were copied as it is. Here they go:

  1. Varun is a very good instructor. I found that he teaches concepts very clearly, makes sure the students understand them, and provides practice to reinforce concepts we learned. He teaches at a level where students have an easy time understanding what he is explaining, and also he shows concern that the students actually learn and do the work. In this way he was the most helpful TA and allowed me to perform better than I would have without his help. One thing I hope Varun will continue doing in the future is giving practice problems in lab that are not related to the lab but will help in projects/future exams. I do not believe all lab sections did this and I feel that our lab section was more well prepared for projects/exams with this additional practice. Also, I found that the Friday lecture sessions guided by Varun were the most helpful for exams, and is another thing I hope he will continue in this course.
  2. Good explanations for materials, and was overall a very important factor in helping me make the transition towards being the programmer I am now. Practice tests were of great help, as well as the general sets of tips and tricks provided — without those I probably would not have done anywhere near as well as I did. Your office hours were among the most helpful.
What I need to focus on 🙂
  1. Sometimes it feels that you are practicing some forms of favoritism, even if it is fairly mild. Try not to do that.
  2. I can tell that you sincerely want all of us to succeed, but sometimes you end up coming off with nearly an opposite tone when you get worked up about it.