Summer 14 (CS180: Problem Solving and Object-Oriented Programming)

Any typos in here, are not mine. Comments were copied as it is. Here they go:

  1. thanks for the help and suggestions you’ve given me this summer. You are definitely one of the best GTA I have ever had at Purdue.
  2. Very friendly and helpful. Puts in a lot of effort to simplify the concepts and to encourage class participation.
  3. He helped students with fully understandable explanation. I think he did great job on his teaching in this semester.
  4. He is enthusiastic, confident, and knowledgable. He always has something prepared and his material is well structured.
  5. Great online presence to complement his availability at his lectures/office hours; even though I bugged him with numerous e-mail throughout the semester he answered any problem with exceptional celerity.
  6. Varun is friendly and knowledgeable. He understands his material clearly and made sure the students understand the materials while teaching.
  7. He was always willing to explain something we have trouble with.
  8. Really knows the subject matter well.

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