Vector Calculus for Engineers (CME 100, Fall 2021)

What aspects of this instructor’s teaching were most helpful to you?

  • Super approachable and helpful during office hours.
  • Patience, his general understanding/expertise on the subject, and ability to offer guidance on how to approach problems.
  • guided learning
  • Midterm reviews MATLAB introduction
  • Aspect 1: Developed personal relationship, asked me questions about how my life was going Aspect 2: Very knowledgeable about subject, and good at explaining it
  • Aspect 1: Varun explained the concepts verbally and also drew diagrams to elaborate. Aspect 2: Varun was patient and took the time to explain.
  • 1. Clear step by step explanations of homework 2. Ability to demonstrate with examples 3. Good pacing
  • Aspect 1: Really meets you where you are at even if that is starting from the basics without making you feel like a lost cause. Aspect 2: Checks in to see if you are feeling good about a problem of concept you asked a question on.
  • when he gave additional examples in order to make sure we understood
  • Accessibility
  • Answering my questions in ways that would be practical to the scope of the class.

What skills or knowledge did you learn or improve from this instructor?

  • Just general content from the course
  • Understanding of concepts I was confused on.
  • approaching problems
  • I learned what to focus on to study for midterms and how to code in MATLAB.
  • I didn’t use him much, I mostly just used the actual class and my notes.
  • Helped me to have a better understanding of the material
  • I learned applications of vector calculus, multivariable calculus, and linear algebra.
  • Many tricks and better ways to face the math problems
  • How to approach homework problems
  • Everything I wasn’t sure of in lecture and why theorems worked.
  • Varun was very helpful in teaching concepts and helping me and other students make sure we fully understand certain concepts.
  • mostly all of the topics covered
  • homework
  • He helped me have a more thorough understanding of particular aspects of the material.
  • parametrization